Camp Rules

  1. The camp is scouting, respecting and respecting nature.

  2. Scouting scarves are always on display at the camp.

  3. Open flames are prohibited without permission.

  4. The camp is quiet from 22-07. During the quiet period, noise in the accommodation area is prohibited. The program may be organized only in designated areas. Camp leaders and their delegates are responsible for the silence of their camp flags. The camp has a quiet hour from 10 pm to 11 pm, during which extra movement between the accommodation and other areas is limited. (For example, if you are still washed at 22.15, you should wait until 23:00 to return to the accommodation area. This will allow those who go to bed to calm down and fall asleep without extra noise.)

  5. Swimming outside the program is allowed at the official supervised swimming place during leisure time. When leaving for a swim, you must have a supervisor from your camp flag and a swimming couple. At the bathing site, the instructions of the swimmers are always followed.

  6. Vehicles are allowed in the camping area only with a written driving license. Permission is granted by Camp Turva. Wearing a bicycle requires wearing a helmet.
  7. Live twigs should not be taken from trees, nor trees should be felled for or on structures. Hammers should be used when using hammocks.

  8. Smoking is prohibited in non-designated smoking areas.

  9. The possession use or exposure to alcohol or illicit drugs is prohibited. The rule also applies to construction and demolition camps. Custody is always reported in cases under the age of 18.

  10. In the event of repeated or serious violations of the camp rules by the camp, the camp management may remove the participant from the camp. In this case, the participant will be sent home at own cost. Children under 18 years of age will not be removed from the camp without the contact of their guardian.